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Voice chat will also increase the data usage. Now if you’re looking for a rough estimate,I’d say under normal circumstances, i.e. playing with other players,it’ll consume a couple of hundred MB’s of data per hour. Now you can calculate the rest by yourself. Also, if you’re on a limited plan or using a plan with. more Loading Depends on the amount of players in the lobby, 20 + is about 500kbps up and down 100 Mb data in about 30 min. If you host a private lobby its next to no usage unless people join in. How much data usage does GTAO use? GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.


Gta online data usage:
Data Usage of GTA Online. Title updates patches will be the main cause of high data usage, actual game play as was said already is fairly neglectable. Mine seems to use 300-400mb an hour playing GTA online. That's crazy though, I didn't even know capped internet plans existed. JohnnyMcFish posted. Mine seems to use 300-400mb an hour playing GTA online. That's crazy though, I didn't even know capped internet plans existed. Haha welcome to my country. That is pretty in line with the 360 over 3 hours. I used about 10MB over one hour. It surprises me how little bandwidth GTA Online uses. last gen is barely 20Kbps per second even with voice communications.


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Is anyone experiencing a lot of bandwidth usage during GTA Online sessions. Played a few hours last night and it used almost 4GB. I know this may not be an issue for most, but for us capped lepers it would severely limit my time. None of my other games even come close to that sort of bandwidth. So, how much data is consumed in 1 hour when I play FPS games online or any other games etc . Most ISPs allow tracking you your internet usage so you can try a.


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GTA has been the only game ive played online with PS3. month to month before GTAO started, my normal internet data usage was around 30gb per month. no where near the 75gb. Jump to content GTA Online Usage depends ENTIRELY on what you are doing/who you are doing it with. For instance, if you are ONLY playing in a private lobby with yourself the amount of data used is trivial. Now let's say you are in a lobby with 16+ players all actively using headsets including yourself, you will be using probably around 2 gb for that 8 hours.

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