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For The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's this game like? How much data does it use per hour?". Aug 12, 2018 You have to go to the in game menu an turn on the controller not sure if you can use ps4 controller. I also prefer controller over KM thanks, that's the first game I've ever heard you needed to turn on the controller on setteings, would never figured, anyone else searching for this, you need to be in0game, press esc, setting, there goto gameplay and controller mode ON Idk about how much data it'll use while playing but the patches are normally pretty big. Yes, 5gb is not unusual. Tends to be weekly near the start of the 3 month patch cycle, and smaller / less frequent towards the end. While the game is playing, the data usage is actually quite reasonable.


How much data does elder scrolls online use:
Eso is fine on data usage. Updates are a killer on limited internet but gameplay is no problem. I have a limit of 100 per month also and have never gone over due to Eso. In pvp open world it's at most 200mbs per hour. I have even used my phones internet and that works fine too. Gaming vs movie streaming is not a good comparison. When your streaming an entire show or movie your basically downloading that entire movie/show data and one average movie is around 2gb of data. Where as with gaming the game is already installed on your computer. I would save data usage by not downloading patches from your mobile device. How much data does ESO use? I'm travelling for work, and would like to use my phones mobile hotspot for a bit of ESO action but I'm curious as to the data usage. I pay $30 NZD for 1.5 GB of data so its important I dont blow it all on one night of grinding.


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How much data does this game use? For the next year at least I'm going to have really low Internet allowance 10 GB per month, excluding government, university, and Google sites. I definitely don't want to get involved in the game only to find out I'm going to be forced to not play for fear of running out of data for the month. Apr 13, 2014 How much internet does Elder Scrolls Online use? We live in the country and have Dish Net, so we only get 10 gigs to share between 5 people a month. Will I use it all playing Elder Scrolls Online?


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Data usage is amazingly optimized Where I'm at, personal computers can't be hooked up to the network security reasons so my only hope for playing ESO was to use my phone as a data tether. With only 2 bars of 4g, I don't notice any lag at all and I went through only a few mb of data for about an hour of play. If the connection is broken then your game crashes. This is because everytime a person in the game does something, within your view point, it has to send that data to you. Same goes for npc's and anything that moves. I do not know how much data it uses. There are programs that you can use that will monitor your data usage.

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